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If you are moving out of a rented property, or are selling your home, then an End-of-Tenancy Clean is an absolute must! Deep Clean specialize in domestic and commercial businesses, our company provides you quality end of tenancy cleaning service at the best price.

Our end of tenancy cleans help you eliminate the stress of moving out, and can help guarantee you your deposit back, so you can focus on moving to your new home. We can even come and spring clean your new home, the day after you move in, if required. We guarantee to deliver a spotless property, ready for the Landlords inspection.


The property will be ready for the next tenants in no time, your landlord or agent will be satisfied by the results, no matter how high are their requirements, you will get your deposit back and start your life in your new place. This works for both post and pre-tenancy cleaning.

Our cleaning teams are formed from professional cleaners who are well trained, experienced and insured. We clean properties every day, all over Edinburgh, Dundee and the Perth areas, working with tenants, landlords, homeowners, estate agencies, property managers and caretakers.

The list below shows which services we could provide for you, just give us a call and we'll give you the best price cleaning your domestic homes and commercial businesses.

Throughout the property

  • Dust through
  • Remove all cobwebs from ceilings
  • Clean mirrors and pictures
  • Clean top of picture frames
  • Light fittings and shades
  • Clean all switches
  • Wipe all skirting boards
  • Wipe top of all doors
  • Curtains - hoover and dust both sides
  • Wipe curtain rails
  • Wipe fire place and surrounding area


  • Clean inside - outside if requested, at extra charge
  • Wipe down window sills

Drawers and shelves

  • Clear out all drawers and shelves
  • Dust through


  • Remove all grime, mildew, and food deposits
  • Wipe door handles if sticky
  • Clean the rubber seal


  • clean inside and out
  • Wipe door handles if sticky


  • Remove all grime, mildew, and food deposits
  • Check filters

Washing machine

  • Wipe down inside and out
  • Check the rubber seal
  • Clean soap dispenser drawer


  • Clean inside and out
  • Clean inside top of oven

Tumble Dryer

  • Wipe inside and out
  • Clean dust and lint filters
  • Clean handles and rubber seal


  • Clean and degrease oven, hob and grill
  • Clean grill pan and oven racks
  • Clean the inner top of the oven
  • Clean the rubber seal


  • Wipe down tables
  • Remove fingerprints
  • Remove cushions, hoover inside sofa
  • Move beds and drawers, clean underneath
  • Move sofa, clean underneath


  • Vacuum through to edges
  • Move furniture for access
  • Steam clean if needed

Hard Floors

  • Check for residual debris and dust
  • Clean

Kitchen Cupboards

  • Clear inside out
  • Check if it is sticky around handles
  • Check for marks around handles
  • Throw away any unneeded items


  • Clean and remove any leftover crumbs


  • Wipe clean if sticky


  • Throw away any leftover rubbish
  • Wipe rubbish bin inside and out


  • Clean taps and fittings, remove all lime scale
  • Clean soap dispenser
  • Wipe and dust the radiator and towel rail
  • Mirrors
  • Extractor fans

Shower screen and tiles

  • remove all lime scale
  • Bath, WC's, bidet, shower cubicles
  • Check for hair around the drainage
  • Remove all limescale
  • Wipe with dry cloth or paper

Pipe work

  • Clean pipe work and plumbing behind the WC if accessible


  • Hoover and mop
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