Mattress Cleaning

Do you realise how dirty your mattress is?

Our mattresses harbour thousands of bacteria, bugs, dust mites and a variety of general dirt. As well as the accumulation of sweat, dead skin, hair and dust.

You need to have your mattresses cleaned regularly, at least once or twice a year and remember, we spend about one third of our lives in bed! Deep Clean Perth can do this for you at a very reasonable rate.

Asking Deep Clean Perth to clean the mattress is essential to lifting the body and pet odours that come from both you and your furry friends who sleep there at night with you. The Deep Clean Perth furniture steam cleaner, uses a hot water extractor, applies water with cleaning solution into the mattress and then sucks up this dirty water using our industrial cleaning machine. It is essentially doing a cycle of laundry for the material of your mattress. This technique lifts all the dirt, oils, and smells that come from your mattress and brings it back to a hygienic standard.

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